Graphic Novels Rule @ the Miami Book Fair

🧜‍♀️ Had a wonderful chat with Danielle last week about her first work for @dccomics . She said: “Mera is truly a princess and a warrior.” She takes after her deceased mother, whose statue displays the words: Warrior. 👑 Queen. Mother.

🙀 Also, had an amazing chat with Kami last week about her follow up work for @dccomics from Raven to Beast Boy. She said: “Teenage Beast Boy has a good heart, a hero’s heart. And, he’s still figuring out.” Could not agree more, Kami! “I really wanted to make this relatable to all kids.”

Miami Book Fair…Online 😉 …
Physically distant, but socially engaged — join Miami Book Fair online for author readings and conversations, workshops, and even a Storybook Picnic for kids and their teddy bears (too cute). REGISTER TODAY for FREE!

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