Swim with the majestic dolphin #laterpost

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#Dolphin love ❤️ book today with #dolphinworld info@dolphinworld.org or 800-667-5524

Photo courtesy from Dolphin World

Getting ready to swim with the #dolphins🐬 book today with #dolphinworld info@dolphinworld.org or 800-667-5524

You can come face-to-face with an Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin with miamiswimwithdolphintours.com . You will learn about these underwater mammals in an interactive class that teaches you the basics about dolphins and what is going to happen during your dolphin program. You can submerse yourself in the water as you interact with the Dolphins as you get to Hug, Kiss, Rub, Pet, and get up-close to the dolphins in this heart-warming program. Partake in an opportunity to be whisked away by a dolphin as it carries you across the pool and get to swim with the dolphins in deep water. After your dolphin adventure, spend the rest of the day exploring the many exhibits and presentations offered.

The Dolphin Swim and Dolphin Encounter are still King, the main activity in Miami. However, if you are interested in other activities while you are in the Park, you many want to consider the Seal Swim, Penguin Meet and Greet, or the VIP Touch and Feed program. You can make the additional activity an add on to the dolphin swim or dolphin encounter and you can save money!

Many thanks to the folks at the tour company! Great service from beginning to end.

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