Skillied: Learn Local!

My husband and I were so pumped in preparation for our upcoming cooking class we booked through Skillied. Skillied is an online platform that connects you to classes in the community to help you discover your passion or learn a new skill, locally. From photography, to cooking, to professional classes.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 4.16.04 PM

For teachers, Skillied is also the best and easiest way for you to manage all your classes in one place while also marketing them to an audience of thousands.

Skillied began right here Miami with Marcella McCarthy, Co Founder and CEO! They work in connecting locals and tourists alike with authentic experiences they may have never known existed. Like me!

Ayesha’s Kitchen: Authentic Indian Food that Marvels

Authentic Indian food was something that marveled us. In Miami, it’s tough to find it. So, we thought it would be a unicorn – something talked about but never seen here. Very happy it was not a unicorn. It was real!

From the moment we walked in to Ayesha’s home, we were treated like part of the family. As other participants came in, we all began to form a bond in Ayesha’s Kitchen. We learned, conversed, and were drawn in by Ayesha’s passion for cooking healthy foods that warm the heart and soul.


The end result was a plate full of majestic colors. Knowing this was going in to my belly, made me feel good and excited. It was a true vegan meal (except we added saffron ice cream for the dessert, which made it vegetarian). No meat! For a Cuban-American raised in Miami, this was a first. (Bonus – we got to keep all of the recipes of what we cooked that day!)

We will be back to try Ayesha’s other 20+ classes. We are so happy we found Ayesha’s Kitchen thanks to Skillied! I also have found a community in Skillied, where I know we will sign up for classes to continue to learn locally. 🙂

Skillied promotes learning locally. Learning from an instructor helps you acquire a new skill, but through a unique local learning experience, you’ll be soaking up all your classmates have to offer, too.

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