@MorikamiMuseum – #Japanese #history meets #Florida on a #SundayFunday

When you arrive at the Morikami Museum, go straight to the gardens. You never know when it will rain! But don’t forget to purchase fish food before you head out.

Immerse yourself within rock gardens, bridges, gates, nature, bamboo, wild (friendly) animals, streams, waterfalls, and so much more.

Halfway through the path, you will find yourself in a mini-museum of sorts with Japanese historical facts and modern-day items. You’ll feel transported to Tokyo! Great photo-ops here.

At the end of the path you arrive right back where you started. Enjoy an exhibit in the main museum and don’t miss the amazing gift shop! This might also be a good time to circle back on some historical facts you may have learned along the path around Mr. Morikami and the Yamato Japanese colony right here in South Florida! There is a 6-minute film in the main museum just for that.

For decades, this piece of property has been a special treasure and the world should really see what it’s become under the care and love of the museum and garden’s leadership. Grateful that Mr. Morikami have us all this gift!!

Special thanks to the Morikami Museum for making this a special Sunday for our family.

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