There’s No Place Like Home | Into the Mangroves We Go with Ernesto Kunde

The Genuine Kitchen

photo-246 WYNWOOD — Monday, 19 May — Ernesto Kunde at Symbiotic Promise, a site specific installation currently on view at the Swenson Gallery in the Bakehouse Art Complex, steps from his studio.

The relationship to home can be a complicated one. Comfortably familiar, sure, but sometimes familiarity blurs what is right in front of us so we no longer see.

When artist Ernesto Kunde looks at South Florida, he sees its beauty in sharp focus. Teeming with life, the gnarly roots of a curious local treasure, the mangrove, unfurl its slippery grip across his canvas, dripping with vivid layers of color. Through this high contrast capillary, vast and intricate, the blood of our natural environment courses to the beat of its wild source. It is here, in the puzzle of our Florida Keys’ broken shoreline, where Kunde’s muse is first captured by photograph, later to inhabit his studio in oil paint…

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