Family Diversity

The band They Might Be Giants have a song called “And Mom and Kid.” One part of the piece states, “And dad and dad and kid and kid/
And mom and gran and kid and mom and/So many combinations.”

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Today, the world is composed of multicultural families and families with adopted children, or two dads, or two moms, and so on. Celeb Rosie O’ Donnell has an HBO documentary called “A Family is a Family is a Family.” In the work it’s the kids that really talk to the camera about their families and their unique (and sometimes conventional, too) family living situations.

In essence, all the kids in this documentary made it known that a family consists of people who love you unconditionally. These children are wise to realize this sentiment so early. I want my daughter to know this, too.

Before I had my child, I drafted a small book for multicultural families. In celebration the growing family’s diversity, I wanted to bring this book to other inspiring families that offer the map to a more accepting society for all children. “Where am I from, Mom?” allows a family to work together to solve the mystery of family background/heritage. It also embraces the different roots of a family unit’s tree.

My husband and I come from different cultures, so I thought that one day this book would make sense for us and our child.

Here is the book’s foreword:

Throughout the journey of beginning a family myself, I thought of what my child would look like / what would be his or her first words / would they potty-train fast enough?

But I also thought of a question I have in the past asked myself and surely thought they would, too (especially since my husband and I are from different backgrounds).

 Question: “Where am I from?”

 Well, we can respond as parents – “You come from a mommy and daddy who love each other very much and wanted to have a baby to share all that love with.”

 We can even go with the world-famous “birds and bees” story.

 But the inquiry merits more than that. As adults, we are asked the very same question in getting to know someone.

 It helps describe your past, present, and future. In essence, one’s background provides a pathway or roadmap to where you were and where you want to go with those experiences/ that knowledge.

 “So, where are you from?” The author answers:

 My family is a blend of Cuban, Lebanese, Spanish, White, Black, Catholic and Muslim, and more.

 My husband’s background is just as colorful – Italian, Jewish, French, Russian, Catholic, and more.

 So, when I thought of the question my child would one day ask me, I want to be prepared. I would want them to know and tell their friends. When we light the Christmas tree and Hanukkah candles – I want them to be sure that we are a diverse, multicultural family that has a lot to be proud of.

 In celebration of our growing family’s diversity, I wanted to bring this book (and fictional story) to other inspiring families that provide the map to a more accepting society for all children!

The book can be further seen and purchased at

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